Welcome to the Korner Kitchen

At Korner Kitchen, we provide wonderful, healthy food that you can feel great about. You can trust that a lot of thought goes into every ingredient for every meal, every day. We do as much as possible to support our local community of farmers and culinary artisans, and thus buy whole, fresh, local food as often as we can.

Our menu highlights home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients. We support clean eating, so you can choose Paleo and gluten-free options on a regular basis. We make organic choices as often as we can and regularly feature grass-fed beef, home-made bone stock and bone broth, and ingredients that support clean eating so you can live healthy and feel great.

We specialize in healthy grab-and-go and Family Ready Made meals so you can meet the demands of today’s hurried lifestyle and achieve a work-life balance without sacrificing the health of your family. You take care of the kids and the job. We’ll take care of dinner. We’ve got snack times covered too — just try our Paleo granolas.

You can place an order from our menu or buy a pre-made grab-and-go meal.  Stop by our store or just give us a call.


Retail Hours: By appointment only.



We are located in the Bell Street Shopping Center that includes Metro PCS and Popeye's Kitchen.
251 N Bell Blvd #101, Cedar Park, TX 78613  


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